Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bo Burnham - Words Words Words

Alright, so I loved Bo Burnham back in the day.  You actually had to think about his songs to get the depth he was going for.  Yeah, that "depth" was eventually discovering the complex puns he used for "vagina" but dammit, it's good shit.

Now he's out with his second album.  I just listened to it.  It's a little awkward in the beginning, but there's some good material on here.

My personal favorite as of now is "Art is Dead".  It's the first time I've ever heard some real honesty from this dude.  You can tell that wasn't an act.

Here's the torrent for the album: Bo Burnham's Words Words Words (btjunkie)

I suggest you listen.  If you don't want to listen to all of it, just start at "A Prayer/How Do We Fix Africa?".

But alright, here's his new "single".  Enjoy.


  1. LOL?! i dunno if i should take him seriously or not. his rap's ok. anything's better than Lil Wayne :P

  2. i feel like he's torn between his own intriguingly weird little intelligentsia and the childish stuff.

    i dunno. i like it, in a weird way.

    i'll post something more widely-likable in a bit. haha

  3. What did I just watch?

    quite lulz.