Friday, October 1, 2010


 There's the Na Palm shirt I was talking about a couple posts back.  This dude knows marketing.

Before I share some sick tracks with you guys.  I have great news.  like seriously GREAT NEWS.  I just registered my cell phone to this blog.  ERGO, I can now post here at any time I WANT.  I already can't wait to share with you guys how much I loved Legend of the Guardians: The motherf***ing Owls of Ga'hoole after I get out of the theater tonight.  Good sh*t.

(I really don't know if I can get penalized for swearing on this blog.. can I?  Please tell me, I hate bleeping out sh*t.)

Okay, here's some sick house/rave music.
song - artist

Bass Head - Bassnectar
A Girl I Know - Sabrepulse
Gold Dust (Flux Pavillion Remix) - DJ Fresh
Science of Fear (Mistabishi Remix) - The Temper Trap
Kids (Consequences Remix) - MGMT and Star Salzman
A Millie (Remix) - Excision and DatsiK
Hide & Seek (Autopilot Remix) - Imogen Heap
Hot Like Sauce - Pretty Lights (kind of house-y hip hop)

Okay, I'm digressing away from house towards hip-hop.  Hope you don't mind.
Don't Mind if I Do - Mac Miller
This Plane - Wiz Khalifa
Nikes On My Feet - Mac Miller
Joy & Misery - Hoodie Allen

Random Song of the Day:
Starring - Freelance Whales (very electro-indie.  fun fact: the guitars in the beginning sound like whales.)

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  1. I THINK it's ok to swear in blogs... I tend not to so I wouldn't know... *shrug*