Sunday, October 3, 2010

What I Want For Christmas

So I found out what I want for Christmas.  Or at least what I'll probably buy with the Christmas money..

An Epiphone Sheraton II.

So beautiful.

My buddy actually has one of these, so I've had the pleasure of playing one of these babies.  They sound great.  Really full, soulful sound, but can kick out some serious edge too.  My tastes are pretty cross-genre, so I like to have a guitar that can sound great regardless of the amount of distortion you're using.  One thing that I do like about this guitar is the fact that it's like the best of both worlds (lol miley cyrus) between the solid body and hollow body classes of guitars.  Hollow bodies can have issues with some serious feedback, and solid bodies lack the reverb/wholesome sound that hollow bodies have.  Luckily, the Sheraton is a semi-hollow body.  Meaning, it has minimal feedback issues and still retains the strong, full sound.

I first found my infatuation with this guitar when I saw Silversun Pickups play live in Atlanta this summer.  Awesome band, and they create such amazing sounds.  Brian Aubert, the guitarist, is simply incredible in how he elicits such tones and textures out of his Sheraton.

Bottom line, however, is that this guitar is sexy as hell.

Let me know what you guys think!


  1. I had a friend who had one of those guitars! They sound amazing and they're super fun to play!

  2. thats a nice ass guitar im teaching myself how to play =)

  3. I've been really getting into the prospect of learning how to play the guitar.

    Those are some nice specimens you got your eyes on.

  4. sweet axe bro... hope you get it!

  5. thats a nice guitar. semi-hollow is definitely the the way to go

  6. That is one sexy guitar dude, you def have to buy it!! ^^

  7. I've always wanted a nice quality guitar like this one.